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Where to Watch Aurora Australis in Australia

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For astronomical enthusiast or a keen traveller bucket list to watch northern lights (aurora borealis) or the southern lights (aurora australis), September is the last month until next year round to go out there in the cold in the southern hemisphere and witness the phenomenon majestic aurora australis where and when it occurs. Sometimes, it re-occurs after the said month of September due to atmospheric geographical activity.

Got an awe-struck surprise tonight in Ballarat over Lake Wendouree as we were testing our car problem while witnessing before our naked eyes different lights coming through the cloudy, windy and raining all at the same time! We have been over Lake Wendouree most times this Winter due to Periscope live streaming even when it is windy and cold, but we have not caught such colourful southern changing lights in the moment except those winter sunset aurora australis flare we caught on cam and live stream this year 2015. A tip of the iceberg to come and hopefully sooner I could see better one, clearer image than this one but it is the aurora australis as it was changing colours despite all the city lights background. Tinges of colours all at once from light peach from the left, teal green-blue in the middle, purple, pink & white on the right extended to the right. The slideshow below will give you the visual transition although the camera did not provide an 110% justice what we saw.


aurora australis in ballarat
Aurora Australis at Lake Wendouree ©2015 jenniferramirebaulch.com


Where to watch Aurora Australis in Australia? Here is the google map or link you can keep if you live or travel in Australia. Click image for zooming live viewing. The viewing locations are the most common sighting on records but if you research online there are shared online sightings in some unexpected location part in Australia, you just got to be willing, and it will show up!




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