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Top 6 Lists of Photo Competition Websites



Top 6 Lists of Photo Competition Websites and a 160 more!

Photography enthusiasts around the world are becoming more excited using their smartphone cameras and digital cams to share their passion and love for selfies, foodies, travel, nature and anything under the sun, the moon or beyond space. What could be a better thing to play than entering your photos for fun and educational than Xbox or Games of Thrones! These are the top lists you can join your photography hobby, for both professionals or amateurs online. I am currently playing the photography game at Gurushots.com although there are many sites to join at your choice, convenience, and curiosity. If you want to adventure out there, got bored or frustrated in one website, why not try other competition sites? Some sites offer free membership or paid membership. Some competition sites run by seasonal of the year or live weekly entry. Many opportunities offer online than ever before to choose from either international competition or your local gigs.

If ever you are on the other sites, please feel free to share your personal experience with the photography world community. Why did you choose or stay longer in that site than any other? Please read their “fine prints” of terms and conditions before entering. Enter at your risk and enjoyment.


1. GURUSHOTS – The “World’s Greatest Live Photo Challenges. GuruShots™ is an online gaming platform for photographers that is fun, social and educational.” It is a “free membership” to sign up but there are features you can pay if you want to advance in the competition and time-consuming voting daily tasks. Some features are a giveaway at the end of each challenging game depending what ranking you have reached from your international votes. I am entering my photos here for months now, and there are pros and cons like others who have shared their perspectives under my Gurushot review article through my site. If you are a NEWBIE like I was, do not be discouraged if you get fewer votes from your beautiful photos, you will get there but with patience. There are millions of votes on each entry that means to say; there are also millions of photos to compete! You can win each entry with cash or gadgets depending on your total votes entry. Some photo entry competition can be featured in any gallery exhibitions hosted by the Gurus respectively for your photos and permission after collective votes decision and Guru’s top pick. (If you think this site is too good to be true based on the active comments I’m getting from my other blog post here, please share us on the comment below).


2. CLIQUE – This is Australia’s photo competition by the newspaper industry collaboration with free or paid membership for Clique. “Clique Photo Club, presented by Nikon, aims to promote and inspire photographers at any level. We are run from the newsrooms of The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.” They have five ways to win: “Monthly Challenges, Monthly Challenges, Clique Photographer of the Year, Traveller “Big Picture” Travel Photography Competition, and Summer Photo Contest.” I guess from time to time they may change the challenges when they can, like “summer photo contest” into other seasonal themes.


3. VIEWBUG –  “A Creative Community With the World’s Best Photo Contests. All new accounts start with a 14-day free Premium trial.” This global competition is either free or paid membership site.


4. LIFE-FRAMER – “A prestigious jury, four international exhibitions and $12000 in cash prizes. Photographers retain full and exclusive rights to their submitted work. Entries are judged anonymously so that execution, originality and overall impact shine through.” This game is a paid listing photo of a single, three and six images or becomes paid membership. Photos are reviewed by world class different jury each month.


5. PROIFY – This is a paid entry of each photo open for international competition based in Queensland, Australia jurisdiction. “Entry is open to any natural person, regardless of their location or nationality, who earns less than USD20,000 per year from their photographic endeavours.” Photo Competition can win big cash prizes, awards, certificates and more.


6. PHOTOCONTESTINSIDER – Sign up for free with your email and get your weekly updates of an over 160 Photo Contests directory and more about it. It will depend base on your location if not open for international gamers. “The world’s largest collection of photo contests – Hand-picked for photographers of all levels. Get the very latest and best photo contests from around the world delivered weekly!”


There are more photo competitions locally if you prefer, just google them. We’ve just got to find something that may suit our time and style of photography.  Happy hunting out there! I meant photo shooting. I guess, it’s not all about the competition at the end of the day rather than our passionate drive to go out there whatever kind of weather rain or shine, hails or storms or just from home or your studio. Better yet, sell them online.



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  1. Very good post! Wonderful set of images!

  2. Mark Murphy
    | Reply

    Hi there.. Oyster Diving have a photo competition where the winner gets a free diving holiday to the Red Sea!! https://www.oysterdiving.com/underwater-photo-contest

    • admin
      | Reply

      Thank you for sharing @MarkMurphy 🙂

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