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Ginkgo Biloba Fruit in Ballarat Botanical Garden

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gingko biloba fruits ©www.jenniferramirezbaulch.com

Ginkgo Biloba Fruit in Ballarat Botanical Garden, Victoria Australia

Ginkgo Autumn March 2015 Photography

Attractive colourful Ginkgo Biloba trees among the Fernery corner of Ballarat Botanical garden, first time I saw it fruiting in 2015 since I live here.

ginkgo biloba tree fruits ©www.jenniferramirezbaulch.com

Profile Safety Eating Guide:

“Eating limitation more than 10 raw or cooked nuts in a day may cause 4’-O-methylpyridoxine (Ginkgotoxin) poisoning. Ginkgotoxin interferes with pyridoxine (vitamin B-6) metabolism and the symptoms may include stomachache, nausea, vomiting, nervous irritability, convulsions and sometimes death. The toxicity and symptoms, however, can be reversed by taking pyridoxine supplements.” Source:http://www.nutrition-and-you.com/ginkgo-nuts.html

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