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Pre-spring August 20, 2015 in Ballarat

Pre-spring August 20, 2015 in Ballarat


Ballarat pre-spring August from the Indigenous seasonal calendar that I like to agree. Indigenous wisdom has lived longer in Australia before migration came and I could not agree more when I see busy birds already nesting around the lake in the so-called winter months. There is no doubt August is not winter but pre-spring in the air by nature.

@5:28PM the sun ready to set. All the wildlife still waiting for the opportunity, as this is where people feed them, although not necessarily to feed them where so-called mother nature nurtures them.


@5:49PM with the wildlife silhouetted Swans, Common Coots or Eurasian Coots, Silver Gulls, Purple Swamphens & ducks in this area of the lake. There are Rakali here or the wildlife water rats not the pest but it harder to photo shoot at night when they are too quick to run looking for food.


@ 5:54PM, the Moon is in a Waxing Crescent Phase today with 28% illumination while periscoping at Lake Wendouree and photo shooting.


@6:02PM when the sun is hidden from the horizon at Lake Wendouree waiting for any dramatic clouds actions on the rise if any.


Is someone sitting up there? @6:07PM the waxing crescent moon at this phase to say good night!


Today in History: Today is more significant to my personal record for my love one’s interest.

It was 11 years ago exact date that I have said, YES to my darling hubby for the blossoming of our digital one-year courtship relationship parted by oceans between Australia and Thailand.

It was 10 years ago exact date that I flight with Thai Airways and first arrived in Australia to marry my hubby one month later. Thank God, we’re still in love without offspring yet.

Love Nugget: Instead of us, celebrating or dining in with food and wine, our love goes deeper than what we put in our tummy and so we are here at Lake Wendouree enjoying the pre-spring winter cold together despite working long 12 hours shift!




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