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10 Major Conspiracies To Niche Creativity And How To Triumph

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Do you think you lack imagination? Do you have trouble coming up with ideas? You’re probably dealing with a few barriers to creativity. You can find solutions to overcome hurdles in your path by recognising them. First, conquer the obstacles to your imagination. For example, I was trying to take a photo of this open garden (for charity) scene alone, and others followed suit while taking their selfies.

1. A preoccupied mind causes creativity to be trapped. Have you ever observed that when you’re alone yourself, you have the best ideas? This is because you’re either peaceful or engaged in relatively normal activity, such as walking or driving on the road with little traffic. However, creativity might be challenging when you have too much on your plate, GMO or non-GMO (satire aside).

“The arts especially address the idea of aesthetic experience. An aesthetic experience is one in which your senses are operating at their peak; when you’re present in the current moment; when you’re resonating with the excitement of this thing that you’re experiencing; when you are fully alive.”
― Ken Robinson

2. Your creative process isn’t prepared. Instead, try a different innovative approach. For example, try developing a new tune and humming it for a while when writing a novel. Other alternatives include Legos, Lincoln Logs, tinker toys, modelling clay, crayons, and brain teasers for kids. At the same time, adults can try journaling, creating arts they love, making jewellery, playing instruments, doing outdoor activities, etc.

“You cannot predict the outcome of human development. All you can do is like a farmer, create the conditions under which it will begin to flourish.”
― Sir Ken Robinson

3.You are dealing with pressure or stress. Even if you have some alone time, you can be too preoccupied to be creative. Creativity can be difficult to come by when you’re dealing with life’s stresses, and your adrenaline is pumping. Unwind. Avoid too much noise and entertainment.

“One of the essential problems for education is that most countries subject their schools to the fast-food model of quality assurance when they should be adopting the Michelin model instead. The future for education is not in standardizing but in customizing; not in promoting groupthink and “deindividuation” but in cultivating the real depth and dynamism of human abilities of every sort.”
― Ken Robinson

4. A limited scope can prevent you from coming up with fresh ideas. Keep an open mind and take into account all the options. Don’t assume you already know the general routes to the roadblocks or conspiracies. The best option may be something you’ve never thought of. For example, PINTEREST social media site provides endless ideas to browse at your fingertips that may inspire you to do your NICHE, not a cookie cutter. In short, DO NOT COPY exactly the ideas. You may search particular tags on any social media, and the algorithm content aggregates at your fingertips. You can also learn anything on YouTube, from cooking to playing any musical instruments, how to vlog, etc.

“What we become as our lives evolve depends on the quality of our experiences here and now.”
― Ken Robinson

5. You don’t think of yourself as creative. In the past, you have frequently displayed ingenuity. Keeping a cranky toddler entertained to dealing with a demanding employer. You’ll demonstrate your accuracy if you think you’re creative. Maybe some or most of us aren’t uplifted by our strengths but rather intimated by the weaknesses part of our lives can be challenging to move over the humiliating line or bar. It’s your OPPORTUNITY to PROVE as you work through the PROCESS, no matter how long it will take. Many great stories can attest to such things; watch anything on social media, and the ALGORITHM will bring them to you in no time without trying to search for it.

“When you’re in your Element, your sense of time changes. If you’re doing something that you love, an hour can feel like five minutes; if you are doing something that you do not, five minutes can feel like an hour.”
― Ken Robinson

“Creative teams are dynamic. Diversity of talents is important, but it is not enough. Different ways of thinking can be an obstacle to creativity. Creative teams find ways of using their differences as strengths, not weaknesses.”
― Ken Robinson

6. It bothers me when you don’t start anything. Creativity can be distressing. One of the main enemies of creativity is procrastination. Even if you think it’s a waste of time, schedule time each day to be creative. You never know when an idea sparks in you brilliantly.

“If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you will never come up with anything original.”
― Sir Ken Robinson

7. The fear of failing. Anyone can become immobilised by the prospect of failure. Think of all the times you’ve stumbled and recovered. Although it seems daunting, creativity is entirely in your head, did I say, heart? As the mentor, John C. Maxwell encourages “FAIL FORWARD.”

“The second role of a mentor is encouragement. Mentors lead us to believe that we can achieve something that seemed improbable or impossible to us before we met them. They don’t allow us to succumb to self-doubt for too long, or the notion that our dreams are too large for us. They stand by to remind us of the skills we already possess and what we can achieve if we continue to work hard.”
― Ken Robinson

8. You’ve fallen into a rut. It’s challenging to think of new ideas in the same old environment. Get outside or, at the very least, relocate to an area you don’t typically use, such as a spare bedroom, studio room, or conference room.

“As Joseph Campbell says, if you move in the direction of your passions, opportunities tend to appear that you couldn’t have imagined and that wasn’t otherwise there.”
― Ken Robinson

9. You insisted on working by yourself. Fresh ideas come from fresh minds. Obtain advice from other people. It’s conceivable that other people’s opinions will inspire fresh ones of your own. Get assistance! Who among your friends is the most imaginative? Others invest by consulting a coach related to your niche. But again, don’t overdo it; not everything you ask for validation. Believe in yourself so that you can work through it.

“Human communities depend upon a diversity of talent not a singular conception of ability. And at the heart of the challenge is to reconstitute our sense of ability and intelligence.”
― Sir Ken Robinson

10. You lack sufficient experience. Even if you may have had a creative childhood, you risk losing your edge if you don’t exercise your imagination regularly. You can improve your creative abilities by engaging in some daily creative activities. Possessing creativity is a great ability and skill. Will you consult the right coach, friend, mentor or expertise to guide you, whether a book, a person or an AI (artificial intelligence – the enemy of organic creativity or what)?

“Being in your element is not only about aptitude; it’s about passion: it is about loving what you do.”
― Ken Robinson

“Beneath the noisy surface of our minds, there are deep reserves of memory and association, of feelings and perceptions that process and record our life’s experiences beyond our conscious awareness. So at times, creativity is a conscious effort. At others, we need to let our ideas ferment for a while and trust the deeper unconscious ruminations of our minds, over which we have less control. Sometimes when we do, the insights we’ve been searching for will come to us in a rush,”
― Ken Robinson

“Creativity is as important now in education as literacy and we should treat it with the same status.”
― Sir Ken Robinson

The world’s most creative individuals enjoy a significant advantage over the rest of us. If you’re having trouble becoming creative, one or more barriers probably stand in your way. Overcome your challenges and make the most of your ingenuity. Just do it; it will naturally flow while you create your masterpiece or content online or offline. I believe the rehearsals for the global lockdown would have inspired people to do something creative instead of watching Netflix, which is manipulated by big tech. How precious are our HUMAN BRAINS that when imprisoned in a school setting CREATIVITY goes backward? In a nutshell, keep being CREATIVE out of our school zone, comfort zone, friend zone, entertainment zone, party zone, or any other manipulated zone.


DO NOT LET THE EVIL ELITES READ OUR MINDS BY SURRENDERING OUR HUMAN BRAINS TO BE MANIPULATED AND CLIMATE CONTROLLED via implants, microchips, neuralinks, etc… (the evil loves to clone, too, because he never created originality, it loves genderless because it is not unique…)

“Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord Yahusha and not for men, knowing that from the Lord Yahusha you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Yahusha.” Colossians 3:23-24

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