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The Little Things Challenge Rank

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The Little Things Challenge Rank
Run by Award Winning Photographer Tom Bourdon

This challenge ended today and able to receive 2771 votes total of four photos below. There are at least four entry photos on this challenge. Gurushots.com had been trying to have an entry of three photos or five photos for each challenge before but it looks like the average entry now are four photos. Thank you very much for all those votes. It may not little enough to win an award but the learning process is worth it.


Entry Photo 1:  My home organic grown giant sunflower produces little seeds for little things challenge maybe. This shot was a test from a macro or telephoto setting.


Entry Photo 2: A macro snap from the humble weed at my garden. I let the weeds grow for photography sake instead of me going out the bush to find weeds. The bees love them too when in flowers so this is great help for them, free from pesticides.


Entry Photo 3: The fairy weeds trying to impress from my garden.


Entry Photo 4: Sometimes after uploading from my choices, I find it out later that I could have use another picture than this one. It depends how you play with your photos but at times you cannot just easily swap due to gathered votes unless you are happy to lose it and restart another new photo entry in the same category.


Let’s be grateful with the little things in life! I would like to see more of this challenge.

Join the challenge, why not? https://goo.gl/ksxnSw


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