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Shades of Red Challenge Rank



Shades of Red Challenge Rank

Challenge run by award-winning photographer Timothy Sutherland

This challenge ended the same date as this post on July 13, 2016. This time round I waited for the trial to end before I post it on my blog. For awareness sake, I am not sure if it is Gurushots.com having technical issues. Apparently, all the finished challenge achievements are not displaying, and some are missing on my page. I tried to tweet them on their Twitter, but I am not sure if they will get back. Below are my entry photos in the particular order that reached the “All Star Level Rank” and I am very grateful for those who voted for my photos!



Entry Photo: This picture was taken naturally at Lake Mountain Victoria Australia while we were walking in the bush designated footpath. One of the three endemic gum trees that originally grow at Lake Mountain Alpine and it is now under conservation after the bushfires disaster.



Entry Photo: The only red blooming tulip flower among its rival growing along the Tourist Information Centre garden on the North West Coast in Wynyard Tasmania during our travel there.



Entry Photo: These beautiful lovebirds were busy eating, playing, sharing food or kissing at Lake Wendouree playground when I spotted them while I candidly photo shoot their story moments.



Entry Photo: These colourful rocks and stones taken at Coles Bay, Tasmania wilderness during our travel. The interesting thing is those rocks have more pink pigments, which has a similar colour tone of the rocky mountain at the background of the bay. The tone reflects pink depending where the natural sunlight directing on the shore.



If you love photography, come and join in the challenge of the World’s Greatest Game Photography. Anybody can join for free! Here’s my invitation link https://goo.gl/ksxnSw  See you there at the voting playground πŸ™‚




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