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Scenic Mountain Challenge Photography

Scenic Mountain Challenge Photography

On this challenge and moving forward, I have decided not to reveal as much ranking I had on any challenge through Gurushots (dotcom) due to any cheating going on the site and also trying to tamper the challenge voting system for someone’s advantage. Some are already disgusted due to others reporting photos that are the same, which are not, just to advance their fellow photographers. If you want to share your good or bad experience, please mention in the comment or go to the linked review https://jenniferramirezbaulch.com/gurushots-com-review/

Also, there is similar Gurushot websites photography challenge community online depending on the seasons you can enter the competition.


Scenic mountain challenge entries are photos taken from our travel to the most beautiful Tasmania’s remotest wilderness mountain at the Cradle Mountain full of vibrant wildlife flora and fauna! Tourists and travellers were of packedΒ when we went up there in springtime September 2015.


Scenic Mountain – Close up of Mt Ossa the highest peak of Tasmania’s highest craggy mountain summit laid at the heart of Cradle Mountain and based at St. Clair Lake, the Australia’s deepest lake! Some patch of snow was slowly melting from winter.


Scenic Mountain – St. Clair Lake-basedΒ running fresh water into the streams. I am trying to dip my hands in it! Unfortunately, not my feet in my hiking shoes.


Scenic Mountain – Coolest crystal clear water lake! Wished I could drink it! My “nomadic” blood type B guts after all maybe able to resist any harmful bacteria!


Scenic Mountain – We are jumping to another scenery at Coles Bay and Oyster Bay overlooking towards the pink hue granite mountains. You pass by this bay before you head off the Freycinet National Park and enjoy hiking up the mountain to explore the Wineglass Bay on the other side.



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