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Tassie Rocks Fully Loaded With Mussels


Ready for soup or snack? Get ready for your bowls; I’ll put on the barbie, you just relax and wait for the exotic food! Juggling all the photo archives from our travel, so here what I’ve found. Mussels are very tiny, yet they look so impressive toย touch. Mussels are not for everyone’s cup of tea, but these are yummy cooked on a charcoal barbie. You can google the best sauce for it suited for you and get ready to eat once they open up from your cooking bbq.

Tip for Sauce: One to threeย tablespoons ofย Fish Sauce is one of the best bases for the sauce. Add ginger, garlic, fresh chilli and some honey (better than processed sugar) and then balance the saltiness with drinkable water. Use processor or blender to mix all your ingredients. If there’s no blender, you can use your mortar and pestle to grind all ingredients before mixing the liquid ones. You can experiment the measurements of your ingredients, just remember to use water as your balance. Any extra sauce can be used for any lettuce leaves or salad leaf and spring rolls.

Best to eat during summer.


Can’t get enough Mussels? Never mind, here they come!

Mussels after Mussels, Mosses and some Anemones!


The beach rocks fully loaded with all the goodies! Where do you think this is in Tasmania?

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