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Ballarat Frosty Paddock Winter-Spring August 20

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What a fresh morning delight!

No winter ski and no need to shovel. We had few winter touches of frost but no snow surprise all over Ballarat this winter, so we’re just happy for what we got, the white frosty winter paddock! No sleep from a 12 hours night shift we drive out to catch the white frost before it melts! The lowest height so far from snowfall weather forecast was 500 m of snow above sea level which meant only part of Ballarat (435m) got drifts of snow of the winter season. Likely, Buninyong (719m), Mt Warrenheip (714m), Daylesford (616m) and the most trending one for the “old media” weather forecast is Trentham (700m) got some snow fall and flakes. If you want to have great snow fun, drive up to the Great Alpine unless you want the fake Ballarat snow during the past winter in July activities for the school kids holiday, kids at heart, travellers and tourists.

Hope for a flurry of snow in the coming years as it has always been! That’s all for now for the paddocks; we will check out Lake Wendouree in another post! How does it look like during winter frost while we can?


If you can see that red cloud looking one over the horizon is smoke from McCain‘s factory in Ballarat. It is also closed by the unhealthy chocolate famous Mars Bar Chocolate Factory (and Snickers). If you drive past McCain’s factory at night, you can smell the odorous smoke coming out from the factory and inhale at night from your house depending on where the wind blows! It smells putrid, honestly.



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