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Tealblazing Tuesday – PCOS Awareness

The Teal Tuesday is here, and it is August 1st!

One month ahead of the Teal Ribbon month in September for all the PCOS Awareness, Ovarian Cancer Awareness alike. If you are not watching the Survivor Australia, I’m just rooting for the Teal Tribe of Asaga because it’s teal, on top of that, our kabayan pinoy Jericho sole survivor is in! We do hope he could make through the challenges! They may not be winning the challenges most times, but miracles do happen every day!

To be a Survivor in the world’s greatest game is a game but to be a PCOS Survivor or any cancer survivor including the famous Pink Ribbon over Teal Ribbon Awareness is an everyday journey battle. You and I in this fight are simply a SURVIVOR! Nobody will ask why you are in a different boat to survive because they have not taken the time to paddle the battle with you in a more intimate way. But hey, being a WARRIOR is a sole SURVIVOR!  Keep on trailblazing the teal-blazing journey for the awareness and best of luck but FAITH and never FEAR. Keep researching to the best alternative out there if you can take the long journey and not the short cuts when possible because it is your health at stake, not theirs.


This graphic is not mine, but I like to borrow it in this post “BECAUSE WE ARE MORE THAN BOOBS” via colorofteal.org and pcosaa.org awareness campaign.


“It’s time for boobs to share. Let’s make teal more aware!” This graphic is via tealsthedeal.org


A quote from unknown for every woman who is stronger than you think you are! Be strong and never believe you have been cursed, never believe that you are not blessed with children or a child. I know you, and I are not alone, but someone has to go through the battle and be able to speak for those who couldn’t or wouldn’t. They never understand you because they have not gone through what we are going through as a SURVIVOR unless they have empathy. We are in the world that empathy is part of a curriculum outside the four corners of the old education system of bullies. Step outside the institution and network with those who wear compassion on their sleeves.


Another quote from anonymous “We don’t know how strong we are until being strong is the only choice!”


From an unknown graphic designer although it is through the Teal Ladies Network spread awareness. Let me just hang the teal bra in here, if you don’t mind, please.


Lastly, my take. Thank you so much for sharing the awareness out there if you care!


Before you wake up every morning or evening – don’t forget to dress up! So cute not to borrow the photo online 🙂 That’s what we all did when we’re a little girl, little or nothing did we know that PCOS is genetic in the first place! Walk or run by faith!


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