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Surprise Sunspot-scape in Tasmania

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The Sun Filtered By Great Smoke

Releasing the sunspot-scape photos from our travel album in Tasmania, Australia. It is one of those rare moments filtered by nature’s activity around us and when you are there at the right time and place with a cam, then why not go for it? Ironically, when we first saw the sky with a red rounded moon or sun? We paused and confused since it is coinciding with the so-called Red Blood Moon on the same day. If the camera did not do a bit of justice to spot the sunspots, we were fooled. As we drive further along the road, I checked the sky and the moon were up there but not as red as they could see from another side of the world.

Occasionally Tasmania will burn their winter overgrowth bushes or wild flora in springtime. The sun filtered by the thick smoke while we were driving up the mountain coming from Burnie to Queenstown. What a smoke filter! I did not have to use human-made sun filter to shoot the sun safely. Did I tell you it did scare me at first as I have never seen such so red filtering the sun with the red cloud suddenly as a stranger on vacation and many other things going through my mind?


Can you see the sunspot?


The Sun Silhouette Finally


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