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Silhouette Moonscape

Something round and silhouette challenge to myself 🙂
Here’s my take, take it to the moon and back baby!
When you go through a moonscape on a photography journey,
find your rhythm and maybe one day, all the stars, the moon
and the planets align to where they are. Or, are they?

Sometimes, life kind of jokes at you when everyone
post on social media here’s my selfie with our preaching
on it. As one of the TV stand-up comedians pointed out
“why is everybody preaching when they post on
Facebook these days. Everybody is a church
themselves when they preach with their post along
with their photos or selfies?” Okay, he may be joking,
but a half-joke is the other half truth! That is a spot-on
humour because yes in the Bible, it says,
“we are the temple of the God’s Holy Spirit!” Whether
that comedian believes in God or not, he maybe making
fun or something he may do not know yet.

What I am trying to say, whatever journey that is
we are all tapping into something we may not
know yet – later it will when we
can wait for that right moment waiting just for you.

You may see it as a joke for now, but one day
if not sooner or later, you shall rise against the odds.
While it may be an odd thing, it will re-align like
the moon and stars above shining at our darkest
moments. I meant you would be shining
when everything around you may look odd!

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