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Ballarat True Colours Autumn May 2017

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Ballarat City is quite parallel bumping into Canberra in the sense of autumn mode and the autumn leaves. Not only that, Ballarat is like the second Canberra for commemorating all the Australian prime ministers‘ busts at the heart of the Ballarat Botanical Garden or the Prime Ministers Avenue. Maybe they would have predicted from 1940’s that it may attract selfie queens in the present generations to come! Yes, the city offers free wifi and upload your selfies as you wish.

Someone also mentioned on our periscope live stream that Ballarat looks like pretty much Britain or some are asking if we are live streaming from the UK.

If you happen to drop by in Ballarat, you can be on a hunt to find where those autumn trees planted on the nature strips around or at the Lake Wendouree Fairyland and botanical garden. Ten years ago I discovered that not much-matured multi-coloured autumn trees falling on the ground than these recent years.


The green lawn area in the background where Ballarat is hosting various genre of music festival especially summer and early autumn.


Wildlife fauna’s sanctuary amongst the water reeds while you can enjoy walking on the provided path through the small island of the lake. If you are lucky at the right time and the right place, you will be able to spot wildlife water rat or Rakali around this area. Take note; the water rat is not a pest.


Lake Wendouree Fairyland is full of life and colours!


Here come the Wild Purple Hens grazing through the lawn!


Happy strolling!


It’s night fall and we found the common Amanita. Did someone say, you can eat Amanita Muscaria? Yes, here is the linked article and do your research before you eat them! It says, to boil them in a big pot of water with vinegar to detoxify the poison before you use them in whatever you like. Some European countries eat them. Hmmm, I couldn’t try it myself, it’s good for photos only for me.

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