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Silhouettes Story Photography

The Nomadic Black Swan Silhouette

The Ballarat version of the Loch Ness Monster with feathers πŸ™‚

Ballarat City is blessed with nomadic wildlife Black Swans at the lake and with all other kinds of wildlife. Photo shooting the swans can be tricky unless they are floating on the water especially on a sunset mode.


The Pinkish Rare Lake Sunset

We rarely get pink/red rare sunset at LakeΒ Wendouree, although, the camera did not give 100% justice. The clouds filtered it through, but I still believe the Aurora Australis geomagnetic activity got something to do with it when it is occurring. I get email alerts when the Aurora Australis are at its peak, so I’m aware when there’s something during sunset. I will post more of these shots on another post.

The lake got plenty of those Loch Ness Monsters, alright


My Bhubby’sΒ Peris-silhouette Moment

Periscoping silhouette at the lake until the afterglow sunset. We stay as long as the live viewers commenting at our periscope @fusiontourism


The Barn Paddock Sunset

A paddock sunset is close to home as we were passing by from grocery shopping for our week’s tucker supply. This paddock is the opposite of Mars Chocolate Factory in Ballarat. To be honest, we never eat those chocolate Mars bar even if it is our neighbour; we prefer the artisan small business chocolatiers sometimes for a treat.


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