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Mozzigear Ultrasonic Mosquito Repeller Review

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Is it worth it?

I hate to say; I already experienced Malaria when I was in high school and Dengue Fever when I was in college in the Philippines due to bloody mosquito bites! I’m a mozzie magnet person wherever I go especially warmer months in Australia (summer). I tried natural repeller; it does work to wear the strong smell but inappropriate if you are not bushwalking or just at home gardening. Why not try this ultrasonic?

If you are moonscopingΒ (periscoping the moon at night or photo shooting) – anti-mozzies are a must that works but never compromise on nasty ingredients.



Chemical-free, Up to 3-metre coverage, non-toxic, three-time settings – 4hrs, 6hrs, 12hrs



It works sometimes! Then a mosquito bites me!


I will try another design.


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