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Shifting Sands Photo Challenge


Shifting Sands Photo Challenge

On this challenge, it was not intentionally taken for the sake of it. Most of the picture challenge entries I had were not intended before entry. I mainly use what I already had in my archive. On this article, I will not post the exact photo entry I had for a change.


There was a bit of sweltering heat when we walked at Griffiths IslandΒ this was the other side of the shore when we choose to hike the rough way. It was a bit hot day, but we did it to revisit the Lighthouse.


Sand dunes were shifting by the wind!


Looking for shifting sands?


Does it have to be large dunes to see when any sands were shifting themselves visibly? Here’s a cute one around a heart-shaped volcanic rock. The high tide at noon time was slapping this part when I was just relaxing at the beach.


That’s all for the shifting sands challenge. I wished I could bring you the Australian desert, but that would be impossible as I needed to get a 4WD car first to get access to those dangerous areas. Like others have mentioned, Australian deserts are not large empty dunes but full of wildlife fauna and flora. It’s called desert because of less rain visiting all year round.


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