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Living Creatures Photo Challenge


Living Creatures Photo Challenge entry run at gurushots.com

Living creatures great and small, here they come! Spring was around the corner when these photos were taken although the challenge was not about the season.


Beautiful wild Cygnet or Swan babies in Springtime at Lake Wendouree protected by their mums and dads busy learning their survival skills. As the lake has been stable by pumping water from another reservoir into it after its long drought, the wildlife is increasing every year, especially for the wildlife residence.


Wild fauna was tweeting before we enter the Griffiths Island at Port Fairy. He’s very noisy as tourists, locals and travellers passing by, he must be calling for a mate! Its iridescentΒ colours stand out brightly shiny!


This wild fauna Blue-billed duck was at the other side of Lake Wendouree and enjoying its time when we hike around the big pond.


Where Angora wool or mohair wool comes from this animal? An Angora goat from the paddock near Ballarat countryside.


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