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Two Tone Photography Challenge



Two Tone Photography Challenge run at Gurushots.com

There was no point leaving the story of each photo in the photography competition “game” when I can freely archive them on my site, is it?. Every picture has a story, and I’ll try to make it sweet and brief against the “information overload” or is there such a thing? I meant brain “information overload” could take billions of information. Our brain can store billions of gigabytes, according to neurologists.


Two tone colour of a tulip flower from my home gardening just this past spring September 2016. The natural sunlight creates primary two tone colours of this macro shot.


Love the pummeling and bubbling “white waves” (the meaning of “Jennifer”) against the sea shore. It is very relaxing and refreshing sound, especially at sunrise or sunset. This photo was taken from one of the beaches in Tasmania with my hubby in our travel. Put on the kettle and make some frothy coffee, shall we?


Rumbling sea waves sound against the shimmering sunset at Warrnambool beach in Victoria Australia. It’s high tide while you watch the ocean refilling part of the island closer to this area.


Volcanic black rocksΒ embedded on the sea shore sand at Port Fairy beaches while we were just relaxing, photo shooting and live-streaming.


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