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All Things Blue Challenge Rank




All Things Blue Challenge Rank

This challenge run by Award Winning Photographer Timothy Sutherland

The voting for this challenge ended on June 29, 2016. It garnered a total of 10.4 million votes of all the photo challenges entered including my entries.

In this challenge besides the All-Star Level Rank, my photo entries received the Top 30% Photographer and one of the photos was my first Guru Top Pick photo surprised!




Entry Photo: Happened to be one of the Guru’s Top Pick photos among other entries. I do not know how a Guru pick as there are too many great shots for sure! Awesome surprised, grateful for it and the wildlife at our local lake in Ballarat.



Entry Photo: One of those many wildlife ducks found at our local lake, the Blue-billed Duck. Only for photo shooting and not for eating. Btw, I have heard and read that the conservationists are trying to ban the duck hunting season in Victoria as there are hunters who would only injure the wildlife and not shoot them dead. Thankfully, I have already tried and barbequed some of these wildlife ducks given by my husband’s work mates who had the license to kill a few years back 🙂 They are tasty yummy!



Entry Photo: A humbled artichoke flower from my home organic gardening blooms! Love by the bees and other insects.



Entry Photo: A sunset photo shoot from the Spirit of Tasmania ship balcony in the middle of Bass Strait.



Thank you very much for all those who voted my entry 🙂

For those who pass by and love photography, come in and join through my invite link https://goo.gl/ksxnSw



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