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Foggy Lake Wendouree Winter August 20

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Finally got here on this frosty bite morning and shoot the flurry frost over the cloud 9! 12 years ago August 20 I arrived in Australia and I thought that was freezing without snow at the Tullamarine Airport with my non-stop shivering coming from hot tropical Thailand! IΒ am ever grateful for my decision to fall in love with my husband now, who picked me up at the airport that day! Living in Ballarat especially in cold winter months (Jun – Jul – Aug) rang a bell in my memory of my childhood days where I grew up parallel with the cold and frosty days (Dec – Jan – Feb) within the remote part of the Philippines Cordillera region. Ballarat and Benguet also parallel with the gold rush mining local history with the difference that Ballarat is visited by surprising snow when it wanted only!

Thank you very much my dear bhubby for being the half part of your life and walking side by side with you on this journey together progressively how we can survive with all the twists and turns in God‘s one direction. Life can be misty overload, but as soon as the pure light penetrates in our faith holding on to what we believe, it overshadows the loneliness and grievances wounded hearts into a newness level of life experiences that few are rummaging.

Sometimes when we grow like trees uprightly or sideways, it really would never matter because we breathe in the same fresh air and energised by the negative ions dramatically.


Honestly, this is my first time in 12 years to see the frosty shore of the lake as we often miss it when the snow drifts in the intermittent snowing past years.


A barely beautiful foggy moment with less morning joggers, walkers and no traffic on the streets except the early birds singing their praises on this great cloud 9!


The Common Eurasian Coot stoleΒ the show of the foggy winter-spring sunrise!


On a typical clear day, you will see the other side the lake from this point and the small islands of the birds’ migration inhabitants.


Stay tuned, more on this episode on the next post. Meantime, ya welcome to share your foggy moment photography links!

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