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The Classic Antarctic Ballarat Snow Hailblazing Spring Day!

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The Spring has sprung here in the southern hemisphere!

Nature lovers here not a meteorologist or whatsoever, can’t wait to immerse into the so-called typical Antarctic vortex visit of blazing snow over Victoria and other states of Australia especially here in Ballarat. The forecast is promising, and yet some parts of Ballarat got some snow flakes while we got twice big drops of hails over Wendouree area.

In the midst of anticipating the Ballarat snow forecasted 400m above sea level and excitement of embracing the hails at home, I got kissed by the cold flu the same arvo! It’s a cold flu strike from a transitioning sleeping pattern from night to day with lack of sleep! Pretty much able to survive the cold winter with my new-found supplement protocol of Grapeseeds for my blood type keeping my blood circulation 100% feeling great from a shivering cold every winter time in the past years!

What about you? How do you keep your blood circulating well aside from moving non-stop, walking and running on a cold winter day? What if you work in an office and no time for gym or nature’s walk regularly?

While a lot of Ballaratians don’t care much hails dropping on their roofs, they’d be awakened by blanketed snowfall. Here are some and thankful for it because some part of Ballarat did not get it either.

Our lovely orange tree just being orange ripened throughout the winter months from June to Aug! Orange fruits are good for those allowed on their blood type diet.


Beaded hails on the lawn like manna from heaven!


It looks edible beads!


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