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Eastern Yellow Ribbon The Dawn Harper

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Mt Buninyong Chick – Eastern Yellow Robin
Bustling cars and people yet a dinky feathered friend spoils for photography when I’m recapturing moments with dear humans. I thought I bumped into a cat-like bird for attention rather its inquisitive to humans. It may go with their common trait that they’re the first feathered creature that harps at dawn than the rest of the fauna or parrots for that matter.
Avifauna Eastern Yellow Robin Archive

Shhh please let me try to capture for only a few secs and away! Oh, nippy it flies! The surprise late winter brought rare snow and a songbird at the same time. Planned by nature, recaptured by cam and WordPress by blogger. What else? They also need #RobinOfTheDay or #RobinOTD if not #BirdOfTheYear

Auto Animated by Google Album Archive

I can use other animation tool but since I upload photos on my Google Album, it collates and auto animates it. It’s handy to download it and upload it to WordPress but if you are blogging in Blogger or Blogspot then you can easily harvest it from your Google album account.

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