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Crikey Christmas Bird in Australia – the King Parrot

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Scientific Name: Alisterus scapularis

Featuring wildlife photography of the Australian King Parrot as the traditional Christmas colour bird (through my lens) when you least expect it in the wild backyard. Unplanned travel unravels the path of nature providing us with the best views and colours harmonized. The male King Parrot strikes more colours than the females but still attractive to the human unaided eyes.

Taken the photoshoots up in the Bright, Victoria area during the spring season when a lot of wildlife are active out and about. I wished I could have gone out of the window barrier but I was afraid it will drive them out and ruined the anticipation of their feeding frenzy. I shoot the best I can through the window glass and enough early morning light to get a clear cam view.

One hour to two hours drive from the surrounding areas to the snow mountains for those keen on the snow and mountain activities up there with or without bikes or just drive for the highland views.

wildlife photography
Someone singing too early morning waking me up for a recapture moment.
Male King Parrots are more keen on posing different sides.
Curious why I’m photo shooting inside the accommodation room. Lichens all over the branches.
Female King Parrot swaggers feeding on the ground moving a lot so I took one blurry photo of them.

According to BirdsInBackyard.net “what we see in our human naked eyes are two distinctive colours of red and green but under the ultraviolet light, there appears to be a prominent yellow glow on some of their feathers. Many birds have four types of cone in their retina, (compared to only three in humans) and see into the ultraviolet wavelengths.”

Some cam brings the real colour glows depending on the natural lightings on the subject without a filter. It so happens that my cam could bring that up with a little touch-up editing. You can see the yellow glow on the male Australian King Parrot feathers on images number 2 & 3 above without using a filter if your eyes can notice that.

Reference: http://www.birdsinbackyards.net/species/Alisterus-scapularis

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