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A Stark Silhouette Wild Koala in Mt Buninyong

There’s a patch of wild Koala if you stop and smell the Gum trees in Mt Buninyong. I saw a Koala up there but seldom notice them. Hopefully, their foods sustained unlike in Mt Warreinheip lacks awareness with their presence between these two isolated mountains. It’s close to dusk and the cam unable to recapture its closeup photo clearly from a bit distance while stepping the hydraulic engine mushrooms under my feet. You go to Koala Park in Creswick but you never see a Koala lurking at all due to lack of their native flora habitat food that sustains the Koala in the wild. These photos are for wildlife awareness and let the experts take care of the rest.

Koala peekaboo moment. It looks like injured on its head, trying to zoom in the cam without the help of the extra lens I ignored to get when going out. It didn’t help that it was close to sunset for a better light capturing.

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