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Cuddly and Cute Photography Challenge

Cuddly and Cute Photography Challenge

Introducing you my lovely cuddles wildlife creature from the heart of Ballarat Victoria, from the old volcanic crater at Port Fairy Victoria and the heart Cradle Mountain Tasmania!


Cuddly Cygnets from the Black Swan mum/dad during spring September 2016 at Lake Wendouree. All families have their territory when you walk or drive around the lake. You cannot get close to these babies because their feisty dad will often guard them.


Cuddly Wild Koala busy hanging and eating its tucker gum leaves when all of a sudden all the travellers passing by including us stopped by and start shooting with our cameras like a game competition! Look at my big bum, she insisted.


The wild Koala cannot get enough of those green gum leaves! She’s dangling up and down the small branch but its sturdy! This Koala lives at Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve, an old massive volcanic crater reforested and inhabited by wildlife open for public visits to enjoy nature at its best!


Cuddly baby wild Wombat at Cradle Mountain Tasmania, they were all out eating their grasses and drinking stream of fresh water among those lush bed flora. We’re trying to be quiet while we photo shoot them as they are wild with their strong body smell! I was able to get close with one foot away to a mum and this baby.



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