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Four Of A Kind Photogprahy Challenge

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Four of a kind photography


Four of a kind photography challenge mixed up subject from my photo albums. I have not tried waiting for a challenge theme, pick up my cam gears and clicking intentionally out there before I upload. I just sought to enter what I already got from my different accumulated albums.


Cygnets of Black Swan here, busy learning from their mum and dad what to eat around the lake at our local city in Ballarat. Sometimes, locals and tourists share their bag of loaves bread to them. Although there’s no signage, you’re not supposed to feed wildlife.


Black Swan mum with her cygnets are half growing…they surely grow very quick! They are just hanging at the lake looking for food to eat underneath the water.


Tourists or travellers from South Korea, they told me. The ladies are amusing themselves after they asked me to photograph them on their mobile phones then they keep taking selfies for themselves after that. While my hubby and I hang around to periscope and photo shoot the waves and the surfer on this very rocky shore of Port Fairy, Victoria Australia.


Happily poking their heads from the wildlife flora of Port Fairy beach in Victoria Australia. I don’t know the name, but this is a macro shot.


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