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Supermoon in Ballarat, November 14, 2016

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Supermoon in Ballarat, November 14, 2016, but cloudy.

A blast from the horizon, not yet until tomorrow night for Australia and Asia when we get the 100% illumination after North America and other countries! We have been waiting for the supermoon rising over the cloudy horizon at Lake Wendouree. We had managed to catch part of it when the cloud was passing through it. Photography had been a challenged!

The Supermoon was illuminating the closest full moon since January 26, 1948, the largest, closest and brightest to earth. The moonrise was way over the horizon when it started to penetrate through the dark clouds. It does not seem larger from some of the full moons recently.

Lake Wendouree Supermoon November 14, 2016


Managed to shoot this later at night despite the clouds over the sky. Hoping for the best shots tomorrow night at the same spot from Lake Wendouree. My hubby encourages me to send supermoon photos for our TV local news weather in Ballarat who are presenting anyone’s photos from our local community. I thought I couldn’t be bothered so I tried tweeting the beautiful lady Tanya and she did tweet back very quick. Here’s the photo she got chosen for the weather forecast photo of the night :-). Thank you very much, Tanya, you’re doing a great job for our weather across our region!

Ballarat Supermoon November 14, 2016


Lo, behold my hubby has not done yet or so; he tested his PC program to put this video together all right even if I told him not to bother. Great effort bhub!


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