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Iso Islands Social Distancing Somewhere Below the Clouds

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To some freelancers, an iso is a virtue pensively.

It resembles an island but you enjoy (survive) what you do once you’re adapted.

Promptly the world alerted in home quarantine in 2020 for a long time in history.

Australia overnight had toilet paper shortage before any lockdown measurements.

The introverts have been creating non-stop hilarious memes for the extroverts in Social Media.

Flashback wakens when I recaptured these two islands with pristine glowing white sands.

Right there, in front of that image.

A perfect isolation distancing each other on their own way better than the mainlands.

Often given the privilege that I get to choose the window side where I sit in the plane.

There’s the thrill feeling of sunrise or sunset views when taking off or before touching down.

The anticipation of watching for any cloudscape formation among the clouds.

Who knows, what’s out there in space and proving that the planet earth is round by its curvature horizon.

But this moment was different, it’s during the daylight hours when most passengers were asleep.

Maybe during the blue hours, nowhere, somewhere with some beautiful islands below us.

Then out of the blue, a passenger uncontrollably shouting upon looking at the islands.

Noting everyone “look, look! It’s a heart shaped!”

Thank goodness, she didn’t say “there’s a bomb!”.

Humans react in different ways in the same situation.

If silence is a virtue, then it’s a golden sequel in underrated timeless universe.

My pray’r that everyone is a survivor in their own way in this technology age.

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