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WordPress Update Is Very Buggy or Is It Blocky

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caption testing image 1, 2, 3 🙂 aligning at the left side not the middle?

WordPress update is very buggy, I must say.

Let’s write along as we test the new update writing block system. I found out that editing my drafts articles doesn’t allow me to type for the next tab using the “old system” editor, but instead, it automatically goes back to the first indention of writing any sentence or the first paragraph of content all the time humbugging. This new update 5.0.+++ reminds me of the former Blog i360 “drop and drag” editor, where I learned my first how to create a blog in the past with a little bit of coding and html.

Drop Cap is new and it looks so big.

I guess that’s one of the new update features to make it stands out? It’s just a big auto font without able to resize it while continually composing write-ups as you go. Well, I intentionally “drop cap” each paragraph in a list content form and see how it looks outside the block. The spacing of each block is fine from the backend editor but on the front end still so close.

Colour Settings is new additional.

That’s the sample of “colour settings” looks handy for any fancies. It’s more of a background highlights, and I thought it would change the colour of any words or a letter. It looks messy though unless using it for highlighting background. The colour tone may look not exactly on some gadgets like your tablet or mobile phone. On the email subscription, it looks a bit cleaner on the highlighting effect.

Practicing the new block system is weird at the moment 🙂

I hope I can get used to it though — a little bit of hovering around at this stage. I think having the block system overrides the theme options content composition. Weird in the sense of learning new things again and it has different front end results on email subscription.

Block system sounds like the blockchain?

I wondered and just a thought. Every block composition for content displays clean and organise if and when bugs will be fixed. Block looks potential and will this helps to a writer’s block into the block system? Blocky enough to unblock a writer’s block, maybe? How does a block help a writer’s block to write with a flow in the new system? I can see, it comes nifty to think each block, but still, I reckon.

Thinking outside the block.

Thinking outside the box made me think outside the block. In a cat point of view, both apply inside out. Just thinking outside the block as I keep testing this new block system like a cat gets cosy on its warmth block of square or rectangular blanket this chilly winter, I meant summer in the southern hemisphere. The question is, am I going to try the new system or remain the old classic editor?

Captioning the image 1,2,3 test.

I captioned the title image only due for the testing of how I locate the placement of “image” feature from the plus (+) editor on the left upper side of the blog post editor system. Then it lets you move up or move down with arrow signs. But when I preview the post, the title caption isn’t aligning on the front end, but it looks fine at the backend editor.

Testing another image with another caption.

Let’s test another image with another caption and see if it aligns on the front end. After writing the image caption, the letters aren’t properly aligning for some weird reason still on the front end. Backend captions aligned perfectly as usual. Hopefully, another update will fix the bug.

Merry Christmas & Happy Blessed New Year Everyone! (captioned aligned left again)

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