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Using Google Photos for Auto Panoramic Photos from Smartphone Photos

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There are direct or indirect methods to do panoramic result for your photos but what if you do not have to and it will automatically do the work for you. All you have to is upload and tadahh!

For those who are using the Google Photos free storage unlimited, you would already know what I’m sharing about. If you have been using Google Photos for quite a while now, most of your scenery or landscape photos are being automatically detected in their editing system and sharing you back different styles of editing for your photos you can keep or use it for free. I thought of using it best on the Instagram post, which the general look appropriately use than any other social media.

Examples of Google Photos Assistant:

  • Panorama,
  • Stylish black and white or sometimes retro look, etc. Some look great, good or fair. You either choose to save it or delete whatever you like.
  • Animated of your more than two photos of the same spot but slightly different motions stitched altogether beautifully,
  • snowflakes motion for your pictures but sometimes the place or location is not accurate, but it gives a real look at a false detection
  • what else? it depends on your uploaded photography works



To get a higher resolution panorama result of your three column set Instagram post without dividing your one panorama photo, you can do the opposite. Instead of photo shooting panorama landscape setting directly, you can also do a set of a panoramic landscape in three (3) set altogether. Shooting an imaginary three set of a particular scenery then the result will automatically become panorama into your Google Photos, once you upload them to your camera or smartphone camera photos.



  • Photoshoot your scenery by stitching imagination in three column set using your camera or just your smartphone
  • Upload your individual 3 column set off from a scenery photoshoot into your Google Photos Album, but if your smartphone is sync then it is all automatically uploaded for you
  • These photos are simply taken from an Android smartphone.


  • The result on your Instagram post will exactly look like the illustration above or from this screenshot through Instagram post @fusiontourism



The scenery from the industrial location taking it from the new Aldi shop parking space at Learmonth Road in Ballarat, Victoria Australia. An afternoon stormy sunset clouds hovering around from our dry spring season Sept – Oct – Nov months.











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