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Archgon Anti Blue Light Glasses Review

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Take note: No affiliation with Scorptec and no commission upon reviewing their product.

Now I gotta give a review if these eyeglasses are worth it, using it as a full-time online working on PC and gadgets every day. I’m connected and always wired for the intensity of my workload on PC. Eyes wear out and need to rest. My resting time is precious, and I could not use it for snooping around Facebook, to be honest, neither alone keeping up with many Instagram accounts for different purposes.

Finally, the anti-blue light glasses came along into my eyes! I tried to research different ones online that are available in Australia and with a higher blue light blocking rate. I only found one source where we bought this online from Scorptec.

Beyond our eyes limitation, just like reading glasses with prescriptions, we realised that taking an alternative natural supplement like Bilberry can also help our eyes from wearing out. So, meantime, I will still use the eyeglasses while taking Bilberry supplement. According to my Blood Type Diet guide, Bilberry is safe for both my hubby and me.

What about you? What’re your natural supplements for your eyes that are safe and working for you?

Thankfully, I went for eye check-up with my hubby before this anti-blue light glasses, and the optometrist & their machines including glaucoma check reckoned my eyes are still brilliant! Thank God!



“Blue light is part of visible light with wavelength 380-500nm. Blue light comes from TV, computer and mobile monitor in our daily life. Blue light will result in visual stress, dry eyes and headache after watching monitor for long time. Archgon anti blue light glasses with coating technology can effectively alleviate eye fatigue and prevent from visual defect.”



The PROS are based on the feature given on the website, and I will let you know how useful the eyeglasses on the CONS.

  • It has 99% UV cutting
  • 57.89% blue light block from harmful technologies
  • SGS approved
  • Minimise visual glare
  • Reduce eye fatigue and dry eyes
  • Effective prevention of macular degeneration
  • Non-prescription and clear lens
  • Flexible PC frame (Soft, Comfortable, Light Weight)
  • Block ultraviolet



~ Love the frame! The one size fits me well

~ Affordable than others, which this one has higher blue light blocking rate

  • $39 AU
  • $15 freight
  • $4.91 GST included

~ Perfectly packaged! refer it to my photo

~ It arrives quickly from regular postage.

~ Taiwan made, hopefully, better than China made regarding quality 🙂

~ Nice thick cloth cleaner

~ No prescription needed

~ I believe prevention is better than cure

~ It protects my eyes from the outburst of pollens in the air during spring and summer seasons at home. Although, I will use sunglasses if I’m going outside when it is too bright and causes eyes watery or itchy. The anti-blue light glasses is too bright against the sunny day than standard sunglasses even if it may protect you from UV.



  • Minimise visual glare – TRUE
  • Reduce eye fatigue and dry eyes – “still adapting to it” – I’ll update this post if there’s any relevant change.
  • Light Weight – TRUE
  • Comfortable – not 100% a bit slipping but not too bad
  • Soft – not all parts are soft like the nose pads are a bit hard against my nose skin creating a red mark at times when it’s hot weather
  • I wished it has a better case than the regular cloth, so we have to buy casing from another eBayer Australia
  • Instead of the cloth cleaner, we tried using the wet wipes you can buy since it’s a lot better for any smudge on it or lint
  • No size preference
  • The Scorptec website shopping online don’t have Affiliate program or Referral


WHAT ABOUT YOU?  Any recommendations?

What’s inside the Archgon Anti Blue Light Glasses


The invoice


See how big the box they used in it? Although, they should have wrapped the glasses with the bubble wraps before putting in it. The Anti Blue Light Glasses went outside the plastic bubbles protection instead. Glad, all is well!


SCREENSHOT IMAGE: Scorptec computers website shopping online review

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