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Spring October 2015 in Tasmania

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Spring October 2015 in Tasmania

Australian indigenous calendar marks this month as the real spring in the air. Temperature is warm but this year is warmer in Victoria and even Tasmania. The expected rain did not arrive much even in early or pre-spring. A bit too dry instead. Some windy days as expected. The abundance of flowers and insects are out there!


Travelling around Tasmania with my hubby from Devonport to the far north-west coast have a rather delightful abundance of greenery landscapes farmed with cattle and flowers than any side of Tasmania. The photos from Huonville Valley near Hobart after travelling from Burnie and Queenstown. Huon Valley or Huonville is a historic part of Tasmania where fruits like apples, cherries, etc. have grown along the highway as you travel.


A beautiful fresh bloom cherries by the highway where we bought apples and apple juice with honesty box from an apple orchard shed. For those unfamiliar with honesty box, it is a money-box where every customer who passes by and buys the local produce can drop the cost honestly in the box provided without any physical person looking after it. I will share in another post or at fusiontourism.com regarding the Honesty Box topic.



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