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Rocks Photography Challenge

rock photo challenge

Rocks Photography Challenge

Challenge run by award winning photographer Johan Siggesson

Four days to go before this particular online photographers play field challenge “Let’s Get Rocking Challenge” @gurushots.com will be closed for public voting. I’m glad my chosen photos garnered my very first All-Star level so I’m grateful whether I win something or not.  I do love rocks photography myself as much as I do love mountain hiking.


3 Days to go before voting close:



Entry Photo: Wildlife Pelican and Silver Gull birds at this particular wilderness beach at Binalong Bay, Tasmania. The Silver Gull birds look like the ones back home in Ballarat Victoria. Also, this Pelican looks like the ones migrated back in Lake Wendouree and Burrumbeet Lake in Ballarat. Most birds we saw in Tasmania island found in Victoria upon observation.



Entry Photo: Melting snow-capped at Mt. Wellington, Tasmania in early spring September. Unfortunately, it was rather very wild windy day at the summit. I haven’t seen photographers with stable tripods; everyone has to hold firm their cameras and smartphones just to take the scenery while blown by the wind!



Entry Photo: Interesting multi-coloured rocks at Binalong Bay in Tasmania. It was bit cloudy and warm on this side of Tassie in spring before heading off to Hobart while driving around Tasmania.



Voting Result:  “All Star” the highest level that photos voting can reach. I will try to photo shoot better next time 🙂  Thanks lot for those who voted my photos. I’m enjoying this photographers playground after I nearly forgot it with much to work online.



Happy digging your photo archive while there is other platforms website like gurushots.com just enjoy while they are around. It’s very hard to keep up with all of them neither alone spending online business kinds of stuff, social media catch up, etc. It’s also hard to face the fact; not all service website can be around forever unless they can compensate back their site maintenance.



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