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Lunar Eclipse on Orb of Night Challenge

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Lunar Eclipse on Orb of Night Challenge

Challenge run by award-winning photographer Timothy Sutherland

Currently, some of my lunar eclipse aka Blood Moon are on Orb of Night Challenge through gurushots.com or what I call it the playing field of photographers. I decided to upload the photos I picked for the challenge, how far it can reach to the challenge level provided on the site. I guess it is all about “orbiting” the circle of photographers around the world in any particular website on planet earth. There are similar sites to join photography challenges that may suit you best, so if you got more time, you could join to all of them.

With all the photos I archived, I choose the Lunar eclipse from last year April 2015 taken here at home backyard on a colder autumn night I remembered. Coincidentally the Orb of Night challenge is up with the full moon happening on April 22, 2016. There are only three photos allowed for the challenge. I can only choose as much I think to be right for the challenge. Sometimes, choosing from personal photos archive is a challenge in itself! Later or sometimes, I realised I should have found and uploaded the better one from another file. I guess, it is all for fun and meeting new diverse photographers around the world entering through opening challenges with particular subjects provided by different gurus.

The challenge is exciting whether you are aiming the higher level or not, winning the prize or not, chosen by guru’s top pick photos or not, it does not matter as long as we are learning something from it.

Entry Photo: Lunar Eclipse wrapped by the sun aka Blood Moon last April 2015.



Entry photo: Moon was rising ready for the lunar eclipse event. Larger size behind any object.



Entry photo: The cookie bites when the sun was passing over the moon and creating the beautiful shadow!


If you happen to choose and vote my photography challenge, I greatly appreciate and grateful for it, and I try to vote as much as I can and yes I follow back.

Happy digging your photo archive,


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