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Kingfisher Teal in Nature

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The teal in nature lets you know there’s a colour designer! ~jrbaulch

Here’s a collection of public domain photos why Kingfisher is the king of teal colour or king of hues. Let’s try to generate the tones, whichever way stand out. Colours speak volume and beauty. The eyes of the beholder unless colour blind may interpret beauty how the divine (God) designer intended it to be. Once we started to associate colours with nature, which emphasised strongly in the Japanese culture by details, the equilibrium of nature does make sense of it all.

We as humans like to tamper or play around sometimes, and when we do, we compromise quality by the tools we have, and we either come up close to nature or adulterate it. The supernatural designer created it all for free access while we re-create it to sell or ad-driven purposes. By nature, the internet should be free. 🙂

  1. The first palette produced more of the background instead of the bird by using Canva tool.


2. Take two, let’s generate another one by using Coolors tool. This tool is a bit close to nature because you can hover around the hue you wanted to choose. I like this one than the first one. The tool is free.


3. This palette has not generated any of teal at all using canva, which is disappointing. There’s no way to hover the colour as the other tool.


4. This photo has generated more of the teal by using Canva tool since the teal stands out than its background.




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