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5 Teal and Purple Colour Combination Ideas List



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Let us take and focus on teal and purple tones from different perspective online. One thing to research, one thing to select and list but one thing to visualise someone’s perspective commonalities from any individual’s stylish fashion or simplicity. Let us explore what we can hunt out there for our theme. Teal and Purple theme can be applied to any handcrafts designs, home interior designs, digital designs, occasion ideas and more.

As we all aware that colour combo will often come from some sources in nature around us “already composed” created by our Almighty Creator God! Yes, I believe there’s God of colours who sets the rainbow to make us smile and uplift our spirit when our life’s struggles look colourless.


Here is my take for Teal and Purple Colours Combo. A teal as our base colour for PCOS Awareness and Ovarian Cancer Awareness.


1. “PURPLE AND TEAL FOR HOME DECOR IDEAS via UpgraderDesigner Blog” – Straight away this image caught my eye because Queen of the Night Tulip is my favourite flower and a logo of Queentulip.com blog. At least, I got something in common with someone out there.


2. “WEDDING COLOUR SCHEMES by Briglyn Paige at Indulgy page” – An excellent composition for any designs not only for wedding motif.


3. “WINTER TONES via DesignSeeds blog” – Design Seeds blog is a great virtual colour almanac or virtual atlas shop; I think it is one of the most pinned images on Pinterest when searching colour theory-composition. The tone of teal and purple of the picture still stands out from the pack of hues.


4. More than anything with teal is the PERFECTED PEACOCK COLOUR SCHEMES! Pinned on Pinterest by “Wedding Inspiration – MonCheriBridals blog– One of the most elegant plush colours combo!

5. Last but not the least, I could not pass this brilliant painting Pantone! Entitled “JUST BEGIN from A Girl And Her Brush blog and shop of Wendy Brightbill, who had a car accident, rearranged her brain and began a beautiful painting mix media!”


What is your teal and purple ideas, please don’t hesitate to share in the comment?



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