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10 Terrific Teal Colour Palette Ideas List



#quote by Henri Matisse

Through nature, our human eyes are totally inspired by the colour hues around us. The teal colour palette is one of the sophisticated choices between teal blue or teal green (turquoise or aqua). These are “10 Terrific Teal Colour Palette Ideas” for artwork, handcrafts, scrap-booking, painting, designing, occasions, or anything under the blistering sun. I scoured online some of the best combo colour schemes when it comes to teal green or teal blue. Thankfully, for non-virtual, you can go to any big hardware store in Australia, and you will find free paint colour charts and schemes or sample cards before you make up your mind or create. This list of TEAL ideas sourced from online intentionally dedicated for PCOS Awareness and Ovarian Cancer Awareness. Below are my lists of choices from brilliant artists or designers put the colour schemes together.


  1. TOTALLY TEAL designed by Charlotte Brown via SampleBoard


2. TIMELESS TEAL sourced from Pinterest then linked from someone’s blog but originally from Better Homes & Gardens USA


3. BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL designed by Iva via Like Gold On The Ceiling

4. TURQUOISE OR TEAL FOR 12 SEASONS (Personal Colour Analysis)  via 12BluePrints  –  if you want to check out the meaning, you can click its link.


5. MOOD LIFTERS TEAL PAINT SCHEMES posted at BetterHomesAndGardensUSA


6. GREEN AND BLUE HUE = TEAL COLOUR sophistical selected by Parker Knoll in the UK


7. COLOUR PALETTE #2610 via ColorPalettes suggested composition for spa room or beauty saloon design.


8. Why not? One of the 10 all time most popular wedding colours that often stays, teal by ExclusivelyWeddingsBlog


9. TEAL AND COPPER or TEAL & GOLD are also great compositions because the natural brown colour does go along with natural teal! This combo via ExclusivelyWeddingsBlog again. Well, I do research, but I come up with their blog again, they seem to have the best I am looking for this post.


10. CORAL & TURQUOISE complements underneath the ocean whereby this colour scheme inspired by nature using orange-red berries and teal via DesignerBlogs – or, it can be from anywhere like wild fauna and flora around us!


TEAL ORANGE KINGFISHER BIRD photo via DesignIndulgences


PAINTING COMPOSITION by AmberAlexander sold it on Etsy


What’s your best colour analysis or composition of your choice? Do you use nature to inspire you first or human-made?





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