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The Granite Thing of Mount Buffalo Wattles

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What granite about Mount Buffalo Wattles?

Wild flora Wattles come in different species and by only driving in Australia in Springtime, you’ll be in a high fever of Wattle pollens, great for the environment but not for the hay fever prone. OK, NOT ALL SNIFFLES YOU GO FOR A RONA TEST, right? (MSM doesn’t talk about tainted face masks, tainted test kits either or being paid to test positive even if it’s negative…) the year 2020 lost their common sense (I follow doctors/scientists, not in the medical mafia). Let me get that off the way since the Australian $10 bill has wattles looking like a Rona image released before we are hit by the scamdemic in one of the histories of mankind on Earth.

Mt Buffalo recorded more than 600 species of diverse native plants alone from their recent years’ research study before I can take you through the vegetation images driving up the alps. From a distance drive, from nearby small towns, you can view the mountain ranges of Granite rocks as you approach and inhale all the negative ions of nature intertwines into our immune system adventuring and relaxing.

Shoot for the road and if you miss it, you landed through the space of pollens or flora! As the moon and stars above, so as the natural flora and fauna below. There’s a difference of hiking out of your car and photo shooting through a car window moving so please don’t expect perfection on the photos 🙂

What are in blooms in Mt Buffalo in spring?

I can’t show everything but the photos speak for itself just driving through the forest of granite plateau from the foot of the mountain to the elevation of 1300 m and 1723 m above sea level. Glad to visit up there before the quarantine happens for all the cats, dogs and humans this year in Victoria!

Locate the writers’ waterfall ( I call it) on the images below. For stronger wild guts, waterfall spring is drinkable (go with your guts if you feel like our primitive, I guess hehe…). I have no idea why it’s “The Font” rather it’s at “the front” of the access road for a waterfall without hiking through the forest on Mt Buffalo surrounds. If you’re keen for a swim, you may hike to some of the falls the Ladies Bath Falls, Eurobin Lower/Upper Falls and Rollasons Upper/Lower Falls.

Mountain Hickory Wattle: Acacia Falciformis
Mountain Hickory Wattle: Acacia Falciformis and other flora like Gum trees or Eucalyptus trees everywhere.
No snow down the bottom driving up but you can see all the trees around and mostly yellow blooms.
More yellow spring blooms while approaching a small waterfalls over the grand Granite of Mt Buffalo.
The writers waterfall: The Font (less water in early spring depending on the rainfall too).
On top of Mt Buffalo transitioning of native flora and less wattles but more snow gums and other bushes.
Lake Catani: it hasn’t been totally frozen for long years, they said, but it’s still has water.

What’s the granite gem about Mount Buffalo?

It’s one of the most relaxing mountain drives for less traffic and non-commercialised national park in all seasons, especially in winter. Again, each to their own adventure choices, a maxi dress for the beach or a hiking shoes for the mountain.

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