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Pink FullMoon April 27, 2021

Who ain’t supercharged than the selenophile themselves? Are you on HIGH TIDES right now or on fire? Are you supercharge as awakened warriors for the crazy Earth’s entities? While they’re creating artificial moons or created the artificial sun in China and South Korea, they might as well create artificial earth for themselves…but the Divine Creator YHWH’s heavens, moon and sun ain’t mocking when He turns around like in the days of Moses, Yeshua’s Death and Resurrection power proven in HIStory, not Avatar fairytales! In Astronomy, “CORONA means the rarefied gaseous envelope of the sun and other stars.” Why are these artificial suns being switch on again recently during their evil RONA? I don’t know.

Mark 13:24

But in those days, after that tribulation, the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light

Matthew 24:29

Immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken.

only allowed to pink the moon on pinkmoon by the Native American in northern hemisphere farmers almanac the world adopted

The technology is great BUT since this CONvid happening corrupting the humans rapidly shifting, everything is connecting and exposing the dark world of technology of the technocrats. The bible talks about wonders and signs before the Second Coming of Yeshua the King, including the heavens, sun and moon as other signs to look at. BUT even before the world knows such a thing, Satan already corrupted the world systems and created HOLOGRAPHIC technology or Project Blue Beam to form signs and wonders over the sky to DECEIVE MANY AS HE CAN besides putting and spraying MORGELLONS, NANOBOTS, etc over our food and the air we breathe as we speak!

Mad scientists are tampering with God’s creation, developing glow-in-the-dark dogs, pigs, cats, mice and soon to be, humans. Chimeras are undoubtedly being developed in secret, combining human DNA with that of animals to produce freaks of nature. Monsanto and other corporations have already developed genetically modified [GM] crops “FrankenFoods” that cause sterilization, contain insecticides, and cause “Morgellon’s Disease.” The Devil is a fiend. The truth will come out in the years to come if the Lord tarries His return. With the incredible knowledge that mankind now has, and the evil heart of humanity (Jeremiah 17:9), where will all this lead? Certainly God will only allow men to go so far in their insanity, wickedness and rebellion against Him.

via jesus-is-savior.com
the loch ness wild black swans dancing through the full moon light reflections

By doing nature photography, the depth of nature diversifies. Little wild birds instantly or constantly approaching me close whenever I go out there doing my photography in the wild space. I believe YHWH God uses them as His signals for something’s going on in the world especially when the air we all breathe tampered by the evil patented geo-engineering systems besides their GMO foods. Crime against humanity more exposed since the year 2020 onwards and the wild birds know it! They can sense the high frequencies detrimental to all humanity’s health (except for the reptilians maybe).


Clouds tonight orbiting around the moon but not on its full moon night. Some researchers say when the clouds are forming similar that way, they turn on the frequencies for some reason. I don’t know about it (do your research if you’re interested) but it’s good for photography when clouds look swirling around the moon.

The ocean high tides are on as we type but know that there is no WATER SHORTAGE in the world, we do have overflowing limitless PRIMARY spring water underground if you research it up way back centuries ago in written documents. Not to mention an article I’ve read months ago that THEY’re blocking natural river passages at the outback like the inlet of South Australia river connected up to the Murray River by the bankrupt officials of their monopoly game.

The WICKED are undermining everything they could if our human rights kept being DUMBED down by their agenda by watching their TV (programming human brains) instead of turning them off as the non-communist people of China does.

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