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Pieris Japonica Mountain Fire

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Pieris Japonica Mountain Fire – Photography

I couldn’t deny that I have fallen in love with this distinct species flowering bush after my hubby and I travelled to Tasmania. Here’s the Teal title version of it for September month of PCOS Awareness and Ovarian Cancer Awareness. The way the gardener did not prune it hard but let it grow is entirely fitting for Christmas flowers, and it blooms here in Australia during Spring season September to November. I edited some of the photos for Christmas bokeh effects, but if you like to see the unedited version I have it at Queentulip.com

It reminded me when I was growing up in the cold mountain area of Philippines; my parents planted a Poinsettia tree that blooms every December (or cold season months) about my parents’ heights if not taller. I think giving the name “Christmas flower” to any flower does not justify its natural beauty and blooming multiple colours in one as nature intended.





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