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“My Creative Bible KJV” Aqua Bought From Bookdepository.com Review

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NOTE: No commission upon reviewing the product both the book and the eCommerce website.


I’m reviewing the Bookdepository.com site first where I bought the book since I have more photos for the book.

Screenshot from bookdepository.com upon posting this blog, not at the time of buying the book  –  54cents less after buying it…



  • The eCommerce website based in London, UK.
  • The book cost me AUD$ 44.78 only. The postage cost is free worldwide.
  • The shipping delivery was pretty quick to Australia.
  • All transactions went smoothly on their online shopping cart; you don’t have to do anything manual like some other bookshop online in Australia.
  • Why did I order from them instead of Amazon, or other bookshops online in Australia? It was lesser cost plus no postage cost – simple!
  • It comes with $100 wine voucher compliment – but I don’t drink so straight to the bin or use it as bookmark
  • It also comes with a surprise bookmark of their chosen winning artist Aya Mulimbayan from the Philippines out from their bookmark design set! Did they know my birth country is the Philippines? I don’t know 🙂
personally scanned bookmark back-to-back image



  • My Creative Bible KJV Aqua colour is fantastic! The photo representation is close to its actual look.
  • Of course, it’s new. The Bible paper is the same as the typical delicately thin Bible translucent paper texture. It is very thin for using your water colouring or whatever marking colours to do your journaling, but it’s “creative bible” so make it creative to blend whatever messes coming up!
  • All the journaling ready-made drawing are brilliant!
  • It has all the blank pages for running your creative drawing art or scrapbooking on it, or where to place your journaling juices in it from your meditation process of God’s words.
  • All the rest of my journaling samples (not just the colouring) will be shared on my social media like Instagram whenever that is 🙂
  • Create your own Bible tabs, or you can google search for free printable Bible tabs that other bloggers are sharing online; you can also buy them on Etsy from sellers for prettier looks if you cannot make one like me to save your time. TIP: you can still use the free printable Bible Tabs you can find online and print it on a beautiful paper that matches the colour of your My Creative Bible; whichever colour one you bought or buy. Simply use double-sided tape to attach your Bible Tabs delicately.
  • Most of all, although it has pre-made drawing arts in it – you can still expand your imaginations for your journaling journey; which is the definite idea for the creative Bible from your standard non-creative Bible for your reading without all the original mess in it.
  • For great tips on Bible Journaling both physical Bible Creative or Digital Bible journaling; I recommend to look at http://www.biblejournalingdigitally.com/
animated gif – sample pages of the book – one page already coloured


Compliments: A bookmark and a $100 wine voucher


Beautifully designed Creative Bible!


A Creative Expression of Faith!

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