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In Poetry 1.0

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In poetry 1.0 
most poet writers gravitate to gravity.
Most poets love the moon lights;
They dance under the moon shadows.
They are brightest than the sun;
more romantic than the sunrises, 
sunsets, night stars & morning star.
Gravity is often their excuse for words.

Most poets expound astronomically 
the whole universe than their science 
and physics teachers lectures combined.
They're beyond measures than astronomy.
They swam the deepest ocean than
the submarines roaming the depths of Earth.
Largest hearts than the world's biggest whale heart.

Most poets derive their Titan moon imagination than those
manmade Mars rovers boring landscape images shown.
They experienced more life's storms than 
the devil dust storms divulged in Mars.
Inexorably, Elon Musk tweets must be a waste of time.
Their characters often depict cosmical beyond imagination.

Most poets epitomises more human heartbeats on Earth
than any alive bacteria on Mars or Phosphine in Venus.
I told you so, they never care what Mars got to offer 
containing those rusty red desert images.
Romantic poems flutter in human hearts alone;
but find no thrills where first flight human dies in Mars.
They sound unaffected by the mundane things.

In multiverse space, the poets rearrange all the
asterism or stelliferous and reallign all the planets
Endless interstellar rhymes and unrhymes verses
embedded in language codes simplifying in behalf
of someone's thoughts to put them into words. 
Their train of thoughts sublime their subscribers.

Most poets act as agents like Aaron to Moses.
Moses had magical staff, poets had mystical pen.
Moses staff shifted into snake; poets pen shifted into words.
#PoetIsNotDead tag posts aggregate 5.9M while
#Poetry tag shows 57.7M on Instagram posts as we speak.
But the WORD of GOD never ceases to amaze humanity
who put words into man's hearts that seek Him earnestly.
Despite #BIBLE has15.3M tag posts only on Instagram.

Out of dedicated full time poetry, they also read
other poets' writings and reposting them on their 
Instagram platforms or their other Socia Media.
UNTIL MEME became a norm by storm.
That's why there's 'EM in both MEME and POEM.
The revolution of MEME balances about selfie-ME.
The art of creativity revives and ignites each heart.
Rekindling souls to shine both in the dark and darkest
RABBIT HOLES deeper than any abyssmal adventures
this Earth and Black Holes could ever be in the 21st century
...and beyond.

then came the flat earth, I mean the biblical firmament that questions gravity...
and the Earth, Sun, Moon numerical distances that makes sense than poetry?
Warrnambool Victoria Australia

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