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Hairy Crab Spider in Ballarat

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Hairy Crab Spider ID – Sidymella hirsuta (Koch 1873)

I think this is a Hairy Crab Spider based on the ID description from the Australia Arachne site here. It’s reported this spider live from eastern coastal Australia and Tasmania.

I found this little fella when I cut my Lamb’s Ear flowers for drying. Hard to see as it perfectly camouflages with the flower stem but it feels like you got some cobwebs with the flowers although not so many webs. I often see spiders on most plants around the house yards and decorating the newly installed fences straight away. I investigate spiders in and out our house when I can, and photo shoots them. I also bump into a Red Back spider at my organic garden but accidentally squashed it with the weeds I grab while weeding from a corner.



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