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Congratulations to our Brother & Sis in Law’s Wedding Today!

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From a distance, we extend our warmest congratulations to both of you on your special day of a lifetime! We would have loved to attend, but we do hope you understand our personal hassles.

We welcome you to the exciting, adventurous journey of a lifetime ever! May your plans and dreams wrapping up in God’s amazing grace and new mercies every morning as you go through the process of starting your family. For now, enjoy the honeymoon path!

We would love to share with you this e-Book you can read online or download it wherever you are, not sure if you have seen or read it yet. It was a great insight precious gift from one of our beloved mentors when we got married, which is worth sharing. The book sold a million copies in the market. (Please just click on the title below)

Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts

I thank you both even you may or not intended to use the TEAL GREEN motif on your wedding; it made me glad in my deepest soul for the PCOS or Ovarian Cancer Awareness community around the globe. It’s not because of the teal green that I cried at home, but due to unable to attend your wedding, I’m just sharing.

To sister Mrs Rechelle Ramirez, welcome to our family! My brother Jeff has often shared with me his personal life, and I greatly appreciate that about him. We had great memories together when we grew up in Basig, Mankayan Benguet while our mom & dad were pastoring the church. What I do remember when we were younger and enjoyed with him was climbing the mountain together and foraging edible mushrooms when the first rainy season began. We were excited; we were able to bring home loads of edible mushrooms that made mom and dad jubilant after escaping from home for adventure! Mom was only concerned that we did not pick up the poisonous mushroom.

Thank God, he got a beautiful wife now, whom he could share his life with forever and to explore the mountain and beaches wherever you may go. ๐Ÿ™‚

All the best from Australia to you and blessings wherever you travel from this day forward!



Much Love and Prayers,

ate Jennifer & kuya Brian xoxo



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