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Ballarat Summer Sunset 2016

Ballarat Summer Sunset 2016

Transition sunset process watch. Our summer includes the Daylight Saving Time (DST) when our evening light can reach 9 pm to 10 pm the longest down here in Victoria. Home gardening coincides perfectly with the long summer nights despite some heat wave scorching what we planted from springtime through summer. We can capture our first sunset of the year by the lake.

Summer January 1, 2016, sunset captured at Lake Wendouree about 8:15 pm while my bhubby and I are enjoying the evening together. Live streaming for watchers around the who love sunset and photo shooting the transition of nature around us.


Transition of the sunset at 8:37 pm



The shift of sunset at 8:43 pm with the swans and birds parading.



Transition of sunset at 8:46 pm



The last development photo shoots at 9:00 pm – need to do some other things so we left the last light of sunset which would be nearly 10 pm at this particular lake place.



Whoever creates the sun, the moon and the universe deserved the utmost glory!






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